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Single seat die cutting machine

CNC single-seat die-cutting machine ha-220

SOURCE: tangyazhongSENTIMENT:Published time:2019-07-05


HA - 220.

Standard configuration:

A feeding machine, a slicer, a host machine, die - cutting board thickness of a piece, die - cutting board a piece, hardware die device

Optional configuration:

1. Laminating roller device; 2. Add laminating protective film device between die base and lapo roller; 3. Adding material collection device on waste collection rack; 4. Add feeding device to waste collector; 5. Pull a wave

Drum coating; 6. Press wheel is changed to press rubber roller; 7. Add thimble waste discharging device; 8. Change the clamping wheel to the clamping disc; 9. Multiple double-sided adhesive laminating fixtures; 10. Two times

Electric eye tracking device; 11. Electrostatic device removal; 12. Bronzing device

Standard configuration:

Feeding → suction → laminating/laminating → stamping/hardware mold device → waste disposal → winding/cutting

The characteristics of

1. Suitable for laminating and punching of various winding and laminating materials.

2. Using the computer servo CNC system to pull and feed materials, it can be used for full break, half break punching type, exhaust, high precision, low noise, fast speed, with anti-scratch function.

3. It can be used for secondary die cutting, which is widely used in electronic industry and printing industry.

4. According to customer requirements to customize the secondary positioning die cutting function.