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Flat die cutting machine daily maintenance

SOURCE: tangyazhongSENTIMENT:Published time:2019-07-05


Most of the automatic flattening die cutting machine with waste removal device. And most is through the waste needle to complete the waste cleaning, there is also the use of wood waste cleaning version. The wooden waste removal plate is convenient to use, and the waste removal effect is better than the waste removal needle, which is of great help to improve the machine speed.

Waste cleaning should pay attention to the following points: 1. (2) ensure that the size of the hole is appropriate, if the hole is too large, in the waste cleaning when the entire die-cut product will spread out: the hole is too small, there will be clear phenomenon. Generally speaking, the waste hole is larger than waste 1. 5 ~ 2. 0mm is more suitable. (3) in the waste version can also add some loose sponge, waste pressure paper, avoid the paper after die-cutting spread. Generally with waste cleaning device die cutting machine its paper part of the problem is not many, no waste cleaning device die cutting machine paper part is easy to appear not neat, paper scattered and other bad cleaning phenomenon, can be solved by reducing the machine speed, but will affect the efficiency of die cutting.

Flat die cutting machine maintenance equipment maintenance for any packaging and printing plant is crucial. Die cutting machine maintenance to ensure the accuracy of die cutting, extend the service life of the equipment has played a positive role, has caused widespread concern.

Specific experience is introduced as follows: according to the machine maintenance manual, detailed items of each maintenance content are listed and posted on the side of the equipment. The equipment can be refueled according to the oil level chart needed for refueling: pay attention to the air pump. Clean the suction nozzle to ensure smooth paper flow: regularly clean and oil the tension gauge, main chain and tooth row, and check whether there is any damage to the tooth pieces; Check the tightness of the main chain to ensure the accuracy of the equipment; In the die-cutting small format products pay attention to add balance knife, if not add balance knife long-term die-cutting equipment before and after the pressure is different: the inspection of the maintenance of the operator to check the contents of the regular maintenance. To carry out.

In the die-cutting maintenance and maintenance, each packaging printing plant has a special die-cutting version administrator, according to different customers for partition storage, and the daily die-cutting version of the use and use of records, in the die-cutting version of the machine on the die cutting knife and indentation steel line inspection, maintenance or replacement.

Flattening die - cutting process to high speed. High precision, high reliability, humanized machine operation direction development, packaging and printing factory operators need to follow the trend of development, master the relevant technology, and in the production of continuous accumulation, to ensure the perfect die cutting quality, improve the level of products.